• 2010 | Conference 'Usability and Accessibility Days: Communicating in the digital era'

  • 2010 | International conference ‘Europe and the Media: New developments in social theory and research’.

  • 2010 | One-day conference on ‘Game, Narration, Technology: In quest of the digital counterpart of human solace’.

  • 2010 | One-day conference on ‘Senior citizens – new generation: Protagonists and producers of digital memory’.

  • 2010 | One-day conference on ‘Senior citizens on line’.

  • 2010 | One-day conference on ‘Discourse analysis in Greece’.

  • 2009 | Conference on ‘Usability and Accessibility Days: Designing for a viable world’.

  • 2008 | ‘Usability Days 2008’. A series of events including a conference, workshops, case studies, publications, and public promotion of good practices.

  • 2007 | International colloquium EUTIC 2007 ‘Challenges and uses of ICT. Media and information diffusion: Towards an open society’.

  • 2005 | One-day conference on ‘Media at war’.

  • 2005 | One-day conference on ‘New generation in Greece today’.

  • 2005 | One-day conference on ‘Athens 2004: Meta-Olympic reflections’.

  • 2003 | International conference on ‘Society in crisis and search of meaning’ in the field of Clinical Social Psychology.

  • 2001 | International conference of the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, University of Athens, on "‘Digital challenge: Media and democracy’"

  • 2001 |International conference on ‘Sexualities and society’, in collaboration with the Department of Ethnology of the University of Stockholm.

  • 2000 | One-day conference ‘The Parliament in the press and television’, in collaboration with the Hellenic Parliament.

  • 1999 | International conference on ‘Power – Violence - Pain’, in the fields of Clinical Sociology and Clinical Social Psychology.

  • 1998 | International conference on ‘Parliament and the media’, in collaboration with the Hellenic Parliament.

  • 1997 | Two-day conference on ‘Media ethics’.

  • 1996 | International conference on ’The construction of reality and the mass media’.


Since 2004, URIAC, in collaboration with the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, has organised eight lecture series under the general title: “Communication issues”.